​​Gospel Saturation Conference: January 12, 2019

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Are our current methods of doing church working? It likely depends on how one defines success. Even if your church is growing, the lostness of our region is growing faster. Of the 775,000 people that make up Essex County’s North Shore, less than 3% claim to be followers of Jesus. To see a change in that figure will take a move of God. It will also take a change of our hearts and minds. This isn’t about changing programs or copying ministry strategies. This is about a change in paradigm. The solution isn’t church growth. We believe it is Gospel Saturation. 


Join us from 1-4 pm on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 179 County Road, Ipswich as the North Shore Gospel Partnership hosts a conference for area pastors and other church leaders where we explore what exactly Gospel Saturation is, why we believe it is so important, what kind of shifts it would take in our values and practice, and how Gospel Saturation has begun effecting an area in the Northeast. 


We are glad to welcome some of the leaders from Christ Together to help us envision Gospel Saturation for the North Shore. For more information about Christ Together and a preview of what Gospel Saturation entails, visit Christ Together’s website here.


Conference Schedule


1:05-1:10 – Welcome 


1:10-1:30 – INTRO TO the NorthShore Gospel Partnership – Bobby Warrenburg, Pastor – NSCBC

  • Story
  • State of lostness                
  • Vision

1:30-2:10  ENVISIONING – Wil Plitt, Executive Director of Christ Together

  • Gospel Saturation O.S.
  • What does God want for the church of N.S.?
  • The Buffalo, NY Story

2:10-2:15 – Testimony of how Gospel Saturation is affecting us – Brian Carlson, Pastor – The Harbor


2:15-2:30 – Break


2:30-2:35 – Testimony of how Gospel Saturation is affecting us – Andrew James, Pastor – First Congragational Church, Boxford


2:35-3:15 – INTRODUCTION TO 4 SHIFTS of GOSPEL SATURATION – Todd Milby, Christ Together

  • From Collection to Mobilization
  • From Attendance to Transformation
  • From Competition to Collaboration
  • From Addition to Multiplication

3:15-3:20 – Testimony of how Gospel Saturation is affecting us – Greg Hills, Pastor – FPC Ipswich


3:20-3:30 – SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION – Derek Baker, Pastor – FPC Danvers


3:30-3:35 – Testimony of how Gospel Saturation is affecting us– Tim Clayton, Pastor, Christ the Redeemer


3:35-3:50 – DEBRIEF – Derek Baker


3:50-4:00 – CALL TO ACTION – Kevin Baird, Pastor – First Congregational Church, Hamilton


4:00 – CLOSING PRAYER – Tim Clayton

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